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Our Story

Our Story

The love for fashion and a shopaholic lifestyle ran deep for our Founder, Alafiya. However, awakening to the shocking and dire impacts of the fashion industry, Alafiya realized the need to take matters into her own hands and create a space to make guilt-free fashion choices that help the planet and its habitants without compromising on quality, luxury or elegance.

ALEAF is committed to using earth-friendly materials which have been sourced responsibly. The brand aims to reduce waste through circular designs and to continuously learn and improve its practices. It also provides transparency to enable our customers to make informed choices as well as to ensure that its makers have decent and safe working conditions.

Through ALEAF, Alafiya also hopes to help uplift communities in Sri Lanka and eventually around the world by creating jobs and supporting marginalised or disadvantaged local communities.

The stage is set and ALEAF is ready for you. Are you ready to take that first step with us towards a more fulfilling fashion journey?