Our Impact old

The time is NOW.

We’re responsible for creating the change we want to see in the world. And at ALEAF, we aim to create, deliver, and work toward a more equitable and sustainable world—we inspire and drive change across our industry and communities through our resources, influence and innovation.

To us, impact is twofold.


    People's impact to us, begins with Our People. And that’s why we’re in pursuit of inspiring people—including employees—to be their best selves. A diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is absolutely key for us to fulfil that mission, and we own the charge to see this through.

    We acknowledge and embrace difference, and design everything we do with the understanding that diversity makes our work and our world better.


    It matters to us that the products we carry are produced with demonstrated efforts to protect the environment. And that starts with establishing an ethical supply chain and taking measurable action toward a healthier planet. 

    From our suppliers to the materials we work with, we are committed to using the power of our data, resources, and partnerships to catalyse change.

Our approach to pay

A fair and consistent compensation structure is a precondition to true pay equity. From our inception as a company, we established a system of equal pay by level and role, which has allowed us to mitigate bias in compensation and to attract and retain the highest calibre of talent.

Improving Lives

We understand that there’s a serious problem with access to basic necessities such as food and clean water. That is why donate 30% of our profits to empower people to improve their lives through access to basic necessities. education, and work. 

The Foundation of Goodness