Fashion forward,
Planet friendly.

Vegan bags that reflect your values.

Fashion forward,
Planet friendly.

Vegan bags that reflect your values.

Carry your belongings,
Carry your ethics.

Vegan handbags and accessoriesfor a cruelty-free World.

Where ethical fashion meets natural elegance

At ALEAF, we offer a wide range of vegan bags and accessories that are both fashionable 
and cruelty-free. Our collection also includes pouches, laptop  & tablet sleeves and slim totes,
iPhone Bag, perfect for tech-savvy & eco-conscious individuals like you.
Step out in style with our cruelty-free and eco-friendly options. 
Shop now and be part of the conscious fashion movement.

Our sustainable materials

Embark on a guilt-free journey with our sustainable materials collection.
Crafted without animal harm, they redefine ethical fashion.


Immerse yourself in the beauty of cactus leather, a vegan and eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials.


Discover pineapple leaf fiber: a green, cruelty-free alternative for forward-thinking style.


Explore organic bacterial cellulose: a blend of renewable chic and eco-friendly innovation.


Embrace handloom cotton: ancient craft meets modern sustainability in every weave.

Carry with compassion

Explore our range of vegan bags for every style

Unveiling our latest collection


Minimalism meets meaning: Carry your essentials with a splash of signature  colors.
Inspired by Sri Lanka's lotus flower.
Why choose us

Making a statement!

Cruelty-free fashion:
Our 100% cruelty-free products are made without any animal-derived materials, allowing you to express your style ethically and compassionately.
Sustainable materials:
Our products are made from sustainable materials, such as innovative plant-based alternatives and recycled fabrics, reducing the environmental impact.
Ethical manufacturing:
Our products are ethically manufactured in facilities that prioritize fair labor practices, ensuring safe working conditions and fair wages for workers.
Quality craftsmanship:
Our products are expertly crafted to ensure exceptional quality, durability, and style.
Customer satisfaction:
We strive to provide an exceptional shopping experience with excellent customer support, ensuring you feel valued and taken care of every step of the way.
Join the conscious fashion movement:
By choosing ALEAF, you become an advocate for conscious fashion, contributing to a brighter future for the planet and all its inhabitants.

Joyful customer journey

Absolutely love my grey laptop sleeve! It’s sleek and light, and a great fit, with some extra room to put a little something more in it. I’m happiest about the great price for purely decomposable fashion!

Rashida Moiz


Very happy with the overall build quality and look of the bag. It holds all my work documents and laptop very comfortably.

Adam Fernando


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