Upholding Responsible Standards

AT ALEAF, we’re committed to providing everyone we serve with products made more sustainably and responsibly.

We aim to reduce the environmental impact caused by the fashion industry by following a sustainable process and using materials with a better carbon footprint than leather or vegan leather.

  • Raw Materials:

    We create these accessories using innovative bio-based materials made from plants such as cactus leaves, pineapple leaves & coconut leaves.

  • Design:

    Our products are designed to be durable, timeless, and multi-functional so you don’t have to worry about constantly changing your bags and accessories.

  • Suppliers:

    We source our raw materials from suppliers who are internationally certified to ensure all materials we use are sustainable and traceable at all times.

  • Artisans:

    We work closely with a small team of talented artisans to make sure that our products are carefully crafted to the highest quality. 

  • Packaging:

    We package our products in a GOTS Organic Cotton Dust Bag to protect the products and ship the products in a hand-crafted Kraft box that can be recycled or reused. 

Our Artisans


Leather Craft creates exclusive hand stitched and machine stitched bags & accessories. Each bag is carefully crafted piece by piece.

Leather Craft values quality over quantity , a value that ALEAF believes is important.

Together, ALEAF and Leather Craft aim to create conscientious products that are durable, timeless and people & planet friendly.