AKA Cactus leather



Developed in Mexico by Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, Desserto is a vegan leather alternative created using the mature leaves of native Nopal Cacti. Manufactured with minimal environmental impact at every point, Desserto’s fully organic Cacti ranch requires no irrigation and employs no pesticides or herbicides, resulting in an environmentally friendly, supple, high quality material that complements human skin. The highly sustainable textile is flexible, durable, carries a natural aroma and lasts upto 10 years.

How is DESSERTO made?

The mature leaves of the Nopal Cacti are selected and manually harvested by an agricultural team every 6-8 months. The other parts of the cactus are left unharmed, enabling repeated harvesting from the same plant.

The cut leaves are dried in a solarium for about three days until the humidity levels required for Desserto production are achieved.

The dried organic raw material is then processed as part of the patented formula to make Desserto. Approximately three leaves of cactus create one linear metre of Desserto.

Any surplus cactus feedstock is directed to the food industry in an increased value form, ensuring minimal wastage of raw material and bolstering the agricultural sector.

  • Organically Grown

    Desserto is organically produced enabling environmental preservation as no chemicals are used. The cactus is left unharmed enabling repeated harvesting from the same plant.

  • Carbon Negative

    The Nopal Cacti ranch is carbon negative. In 14 acres of organic cactus plantation, 8100 tons of CO2 is absorbed annually.

  • Water Efficient

    While C3 plants require around 1000 litres of water to produce 1kg of material, cactus only need 200 litres. However, this water is absorbed by the plant itself.