Empowering Women: International Women’s Day 2023

Empowering Women: International Women’s Day 2023

“Real Queens fix each other’s crown”.

In celebration of International Women’s Day and in line with the theme for this year, Equality and Empowerment we would like to dedicate this to all the women out there, especially those that play a huge role in our day to day lives. 


Alafiya, the Founder established ALEAF as she combined two of her favourite things which were fashion and helping others. Growing up in Sri Lanka, Alafiya was no stranger to how many people in Sri Lanka were unable to afford basic necessities such as food, clean water and education. Many of the rural communities also struggled to find employment or were often exploited. 


Malsha, our Marketing Consultant is strong willed and extremely passionate. Malsha, enjoys working in the marketing field and one day dreams of becoming an entrepreneur herself, starting her own marketing firm so she can help other brands reach their fullest potential. As Malsha enjoys taking up challenges she decided to join our team at ALEAF. Knowing very little about sustainable fashion at first she has been able to learn and grow and is now more mindful of her choices. She enjoys spending her down time in nature and travelling to new places when she can. 


Peréz Leather Artisans 

Peréz Leather Artisans was founded by Vajira Peiris, as she wanted to establish a bespoke luxury leather accessory Ateliar in Sri Lanka. Vajira, moved back to Sri Lanka from London and began her journey as an entrepreneur. 

Despite the challenges she has faced due to COVID-19 and the Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka, she continues to empower local artisans by providing them with flexible work schedules and employment so they are able to provide for their families and educate themselves. 

Vajira also volunteers in various social projects and works as an activist for children & human rights. 


Foundation of Goodness- Women’s Empowerment Department


Many of the women in Sri Lanka are obligated to stay at home whilst a minor portion of women play a critical role in looking after their families by working in apparel factories or tea estates in the rural towns of Sri Lanka. 

The Foundation of Goodness has created a dedicated sector to empower the women in rural Sri Lanka and help them pursue their dreams. Women from all over Sri Lanka are given the opportunity to participate in an array of courses (Information Technology, Beauty Studies, Business Skills) at no cost in order to provide them with the skills they need to start their own businesses or enter the workforce. 









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