Inclusive Fashion vs Gender Fluid Fashion- What does this really mean?

Inclusive Fashion vs Gender Fluid Fashion- What does this really mean?

The fashion industry is an ever changing industry that is more than just about trends. It has the ability to tell a person’s story, influence culture as well as create social and environmental change. 

With so much change taking place so fast and a rise in demand for inclusivity and accessibility, it is important to familiarize yourself with what inclusive fashion and gender fluid fashion mean.


Inclusive Fashion

Inclusive fashion is when brands design clothes, footwear and accessories for everybody including people with disabilities. The main purpose of inclusive fashion is that everyone can benefit and enjoy it, with or without disability.

In simple words, Inclusive fashion takes into account the needs of people with disabilities and people of all shapes and sizes.

Unfortunately, there are not enough brands out their catering to these needs and if they are, the clothes and accessories often come with a hefty price tag. 

In order for brands to be more inclusive and to meet the changing demands of customers, it is important for brands to think outside the box, create adaptive fashion choices, incorporate comfort and functionality and really advertise inclusivity to create fashion that allows everyone to tell the story of who they are without feeling trapped.


Gender Fluid Fashion 


There is no clear cut definition for Gender Fluid Fashion. However, due to to evolving social and cultural attitudes towards gender, Gender Fluid Fashion is not restricted by the traditional “menswear” and “womenswear” binary.

The world is changing and more and more customers are shopping for genderless or gender neutral fashion items from clothing to accessories. 

Brands can cater to this demand by challenging the norms  and creating pieces that can be worn by all whether they identify as male, female or non binary. In order to this, brands will need to adjust patterns to get the right fit, offer made to order options and fix their marketing and visual merchandising to reflect their take on Gender Fluid Fashion. 









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