Fashion, a True Confidence Enhancer.

Fashion, a True Confidence Enhancer.

What we wear is a reflection of our personality, mood, style, and sometimes, even our character and beliefs. 

Have you heard about dopamine dressing? It is all about feeling right and comfortable in every piece of clothing you put on. 

Let your clothes project a healthy self-image that is powerful, confident and creative. Pick out clothes from your wardrobes that are mood-boosters and personal favourites.

At ALEAF, our design process involves coming up with designs that would suit everyone from the fashionista to the practical dresser. 


Did you know your clothes talk?

Finding the right style representing one’s true self is pivotal. 

To discover what you want your clothing to say about you, try these simple steps:

  • Start with your closet. Look at the clothes you wear the most and think of how they make you feel. 
  • Create a moodboard of styles you like. (I use Pinterest, of course)
  • Try out different styles, mixing and matching to get to that perfect look.
  • It is okay not to keep up with trends. 
  • Buy a few pieces that you like first. Wear them for a few weeks and evaluate your choices.
  • Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. You might be surprised.


Colour choices and its meaning

The choice of colour can reflect your emotions and state of mind. Every colour has its own meaning. 

Red = Love. Passion, Strength, Confidence

Orange = Excitement, Encouragement, Success

Yellow = Energetic, Positivity, Cheer

Green = Growth, Balance. Harmony 

Blue = Peace, Intelligence, Loyalty 

Purple = Royalty, Spirituality, Creative

Pink = Happiness, Compassion, Inspiration 

Brown = Reliable, Honest, Stability

Gray = Sensible, Sophisticated, Independence

Black = Elegance, Luxury, Power

White = Simplicity, Clean, Calm


These are some of the emotions that colour can play in our life. It is important to keep in mind that these are not fixed emotions and each colour can mean something different to each person.



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