5 Sustainable Fashion Brands- Sri Lanka & Australia

5 Sustainable Fashion Brands- Sri Lanka & Australia

For this month’s blog post we would like to bring recognition to five brands who are changing the narrative of the fashion industry by implementing various sustainable methods from upcycling sarees, using natural materials and implementing slow and circular practices within their brands.

We have chosen these brands as the people behind them are a great deal of time, love and effort behind what they. They all work towards creating fashion that has a positive impact on our planet and people. 


Sri Lankan Brands


  1. Sustainablee

    Sustainablee is a Sri Lankan lifestyle brand and advocates sustainable living. They try to influence our consumers, suppliers and community to adopt a greener way of life, prioritising the environment and our planet. They ensure each of our products are thoughtfully curated to ensure maximum benefit to the community and environment. 

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  2. Majä

    Majä- a New Story founded in 2019 when a passion project to encourage sustainable fashion became a business venture that celebrates our cultural identity, empowers women, and encourages our community to think differently.

    They prioritise upcycling, using only pre-worn sarees which are run through stringent quality checks and reinvented ensuring minimum waste. Together with their team of women professionals, every majä product is proof that uniqueness, high quality, creativity and sustainability can co-exist.

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  3. Selyn
    Selyn is Sri Lanka’s only Fair-trade certified handicrafts company and one of its largest social enterprises. They are among the top handicraft retail brands in the country while exporting to fair trade and other customers all over the world.

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Brands in Australia


  1. Sahana Byron Bay

    Inspired by sustainable and slow-fashion, their garments are made from hand dyed and  handwoven fabrics in West Bengal, India. This commitment to creating and producing with a light environmental footprint flows through to their processes of naturally dyeing, hand spinning yarn and weaving.


Brands in Australia and Sri Lanka


  1. Will by Zac

    They create responsibly made clothing without compromising on style or ethics.  They blend natural fibres with elegant, contemporary design, taking you effortlessly through morning to night, regardless of the season. 

    Honouring traditional craftsmanship alongside working in collaboration with our planet is central to redefining how we dress. We believe the embodiment of sustainability is creating pieces you feel good in and wear time and time again. 



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