• Our Ethics

Our Ethics

Sustainability requires a whole lot more than just using sustainable products and we understand that extensively. We are committed to approaching this in a holistic manner to improve our impact for the people and the planet.

We do not claim to be flawless, but we do promise to stay dedicated to our customers to provide them with the best services, and stay committed to our cause – which is to minimize the negative impacts caused by the fashion industry and do our bit in moving forward towards a more sustainable and fair industry.

Sustainable Materials

We use materials that are safer to the planet throughout its wheel-of-life, than most other materials used in the fast fashion industry. All materials used can be returned back to the environment with no negative impact on our natural habitats. From extraction of the raw materials through to the final product, our entire process guarantees little to no destruction of the environment and the livelihood it supports. All of our materials are cruelty free and do not harm any animals.

Slow Fashion

We ensure that every piece is made with lots of thought and great attention to detail. We hope to minimise waste by taking the slow fashion approach and producing small quantities. Our minimalistic and timeless designs are as versatile as they are fashionable, and can be re-styled in numerous ways to suit every occasion! What’s more, we also tailor-make pieces to satisfy your every need! All of our scrap pieces are saved and will be reused to make new products.

Ethical Production

We believe in treating our employees in the best possible ways. We take every measure to ensure that our makers are well- compensated and work under good conditions. We pride ourselves on manufacturing all our products with no ethical violations.

Responsible Packaging

ALEAF uses sustainable packaging. All of our products are packaged in a GOTS 100% Organic cotton dust bag to protect the product from dust and damage. Additionally, all our products are packaged in cardboard boxes that can be recycled or reused.