• About GOTS

About GOTS


What is Global Organic Standard (GOTS)?

Global Organic Standard (GOTS) is the global leading textile processing standard for organic fibres. GOTS provides consumers with a credible assurance from the harvesting of the raw materials, environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing to labelling.

A minimum of 70% certified organic fibres must be present for a textile carrying the GOTS label. Additionally, for a product to be labeled with the grade ‘organic’ it must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres.

What is GOTS Organic Cotton?

GOTS organic cotton is cotton textile containing a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres. GOTS organic cotton ensures that hazardous substances are not used in the production of it and is also safer for the farmers. Additionally, all waste water is treated and all chemicals must meet strict toxicity and biodegradability rules.

No forced or child labour

Wastewater is treated

Hazardous pesticides are banned

Growing organic cotton produces upto 94% less Greenhouse gases